Have Your Shout


SHOUT on SNACKBYTES and earn $5 for every shout published.

1). What kind of shouts can I make ?
We are interested in honest and helpful shouts on digital content you like or dislike. We only ask you to consider one thing – no one ever sets out to make a bad film/game/recording/book.

Even if you hate the digital content you are making it’s nice to find at least one thing of merit!

2). How do I make my shout?
It is up to you. You can record a review on the latest camera on the market or simply record a review on your mobile phone.

  • We accept most formats including
    3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, WMV

There are some formats not supported

  • Quicktime (MOV) files that use the Apple Intermediate Codec.
  • DRM protected files from Microsoft (WMV) or the iTunes Store (M4V, MOV)
  • Videos generated by GoToMeeting.

We advise, if possible, to make videos using:

  • The MP4 container format
  • The H.264 video codec
  • The AAC audio codec

In terms of dimensions, bigger is better.
Video in 720p is a great option. If your original video is full HD we suggest you upload 1080p too.
If your source footage is standard definition (NTSC, PAL) we suggest 360p as the dimension to use.

Anything smaller than 360p is not recommended.

3). How much will I earn per shout?
The regular rate is subject to change but at present we are paying $5 for every shout we publish.

4). How long should each shout be?
There is no fixed length but we suggest somewhere around  2 minutes.  If it is a great shoutand only last 30 seconds thats OK.  We would not suggest anything above 5 minutes.

4). How do I submit my shout?
Simply contact us at reviews@snackbytes.com.  Tell us who you are and a bit about your shout and then send the shout to us.

For files larger than 10MBs it would be advisable to send the files via a file transfer service such as

  • Dropbox
  • Wetransfer
  • Sharefile

5). Who owns the copyright to my video?
All copyright remains with you as the filmmaker. By accepting payment you are granting Snackbytes.com / The Tablet Book Company Ltd an exclusive license for 8 weeks (from the date of publish) and a further non-exclusive license to exhibit the film on our website, social media pages and to include the footage in our TV review programme.

6). How do I get paid ?
You will be paid through PayPal by the email address the reviews were sent from.

7). My shout was rejected. Why ?
All shouts are published at the absolute discretion of the Snackbytes editorial team.

A shout may be rejected for all sorts of reasons. We will not usually publish anything that contains content that is defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, threatening, abusive, harassing, unlawful or incites discrimination, hate or violence towards any person or group on account of their race, religion, disability, nationality or otherwise

8). I still have questions.
You are always welcome to email any questions to reviews@snackbytes.com