Fantasy, reality and the place in between.


An ephemeral fairy tale for adults, Luna travels the contours of our imagination, memories, pain and loving, what we too readily call our ‘reality’. A multilayerd collage of amazing cinematography and innovative animation techniques invite us into a world where we can see magic as truth, and our own truth – however painful it may be – as magic.

Dean (Michael Maloney), lives in a remote home on the rugged British coastline with his younger girlfriend Freya (Stephanie Leonidas). When two of Dean’s old friends from art school come for a weekend visit.  Following a painful loss, Grant (Ben Daniels) and Christina (Dervla Kirwan) retreated from the world under a shroud of grief.

Now, as they attempt to reconnect with their old friend and his new partner, they confront old wounds and try to forge new pathways to friendship. With grief, disappointments, and heartbreak at its core, Luna travels the geographies of the wounds which reside in our souls.

Luna received it’s UK Premier at the Raindajnce Film Festival in 2014.  The film went on to win the award for Best British Film for that year.

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