Pilgrim – Season 4


A man in his late 30s, despite being about 950 years old.


Paul Hilton stars as William Palmer (Pilgrim) victim of the 12th-century curse that leaves him in a limbo between our mortal world and that of the Greyfolk or faeries. Protecting mankind from an enemy they resist believing in. They’re set in a very recognisable, very real present, but a present haunted by the folktales of the British Isles.

Mullerby Fair. Immortal wanderer William Palmer returns for more dark fantasy adventures, and begins by battling the devilish Mr. Speed, a ruthless villain who has been stealing women from a single family for generations,

Tregarrah Head. Birdie continues her war of attrition, leaving a trail of innocent victims in her wake. Meanwhile, William Palmer tries to rescue the Old Man of Tregarrah Head from his fate as the changeling baby of devoted West Country parents.

Weldon Sound. William Palmer must tackle an old adversary and save the community of Wedlowe Sound when it is threatened by a giant.

Bleaker Lake. William Palmer hopes to end the war of attrition with Birdie at Bleaker Lake where Merlin is held sealed under water.

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