Music – Apparition


Stealing Sheep are one of the most intriguing acts on Heavenly Records’ current roster – a trio prone to appearing live in vivid lycra, playing homegrown electronica.


The video is for Stealing Sheep’s track Apparition, and sees the artists themselves performing a choreography amongst a troupe of Morris dancers, handkerchief in hand.

In a recent interview  group  talked about the video. “We created the illusion of a candid one-shot in a village square with a group of morris dancers and unassuming onlookers. Then suddenly we’re there dancing in between them and some roller skating puppet guys get involved.

We liked the idea because the English folk imagery juxtaposes the moody synth pop style of the music and there are playful deceptive shots subtly intervening. We didn’t expect to do something like this but that’s why it appealed to us.

We loved working with Dougal Wilson and learning the dance choreography.”

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