Radio On


The BFI re-released this cult classic from 1979 on 8th October 2004, followed by the release of the film on DVD.


Set in 1970’s Britain, a man drives from London to Bristol to investigate his brother’s death. The purpose of his trip is offset by his encounters with a series of odd people. Chris Petit’s Radio On is one of the most striking feature debuts in British cinema – a haunting blend of edgy mystery story and existential road movie, crammed with eerie evocations of English landscape and weather.

Radio On offers a unique, compelling and even mythic vision of a late 1970s England, stalled between failed hopes of cultural and social change and the imminent upheavals of Thatcherism.

Stunningly photographed in luminous monochrome by Martin Schäfer, and driven by a startling new wave soundtrack – and early screen performance by Sting – Radio On is ripe for rediscovery.

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