Featured POD – Limetown


"What happened to the people of Limetown?"


Limetown follows an “American Public Radio” investigation into the disappearance of an entire Tennessee research facility. More than 300 people vanished from Limetown without a trace, leaving nothing so minimal as even “spit somewhere on a toothbrush” behind. Limetown was supposed to be a utopia in which neuroscientists could gather to research some mysterious greater cause, which was never shared with the public.

Instead, Limetown became just another experiment gone horribly awry.

The podcast picks up 10 years after the incident, with APR journalist Lia Haddock pursuing the questions people have been asking ever since. What happened? Where did everyone go? Are they still alive? What the hell were they up to in Limetown, anyway?  Lia herself has a connection to the town, since her uncle was one of the vanished. While she says she was not close to him — she was 17 at the time of the disappearance, and never knew him beyond seeing him in photographs — there’s no doubt that this legacy will come into play over the course of her investigation.

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