Music – Rag & Bone


When the Hampshire five-piece began recording demos together, they saved them under the file name ‘Desert Blues’, because they had a sort of bluesy Old American West twang to them. They kept writing and recording and, as their sound evolved, they started calling the new tracks ‘New Desert Blues’, because they were, well, new.

The band’s new single Rag & Bone from the debut album Milk and Honey (Release date TBA) tells the story of Steph, a young woman trying desperately to distance herself from a past relationship, yet finding herself pulled back into one last night with her ex.

With its spinning camera moves and wild night-out visuals,  director’s Samuel Taylor & Daniel Hawkins’ arresting video encapsulates our protagonist’s inner turmoil as she fights, flirts, yearns for and runs away from her ex-lover.


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