Children of the Wild


Steve Angello featuring Mako



Steve Angello was born to a Greek father and Swedish mother in Athens, Greece. Raised in Stockholm, Sweden, along with his brother AN21 (real name Antoine Josefsson), Angello began his musical and particularly dj-ing foray at 12 years of age.

He started out as a turntablist, fusing hip-hop, breakbeats and 1970s classics. By his late teens, he began getting into electronic music.  Later Angello discovered house music through the club scene in Stockholm together with his best friend Sebastian Ingrosso, whilst listening to Da Funk.

Director and Slow-motion champion Guillaume Panareillo has created this ambitious single tracking-shot  video for Steve Angello’s latest single Children Of The Wild. 

The video follows a young boy has he runs through an apocalyptic landscape, escaping the madness that surrounds him. It’s shot to allow the viewer to experience every aspect of the chaos and anarchy in full detail.

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