Earth Not Above


Some things come together immediately. Others… take a little time. HÆLOS – known individually as Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout – fall into the latter bracket. Hælos is a band shrouded in mystery. Hælos first got those in the know talking after people started sharing their debut track ‘Dust’, posted quietly by the band on Facebook. Hailing from Bow, East London, the band celebrated the start of 2015 by signing with legendary independent label Matador.

Director Jesse John Jenkins has delivered this expressive and heavy-hearted walk through the streets of London for HÆLOS’ track Earth Not Above, with part two and three due to be released over the next couple weeks.

According to HÆLOS’ Arthur Delaney, the video is about “vulnerability, grief and the release that comes when we let go. Jesse’s style has a ‘dirty boy’ handheld feel to it with a John Cassavetes grain and colouring that’s raw and beautiful in equal measure.”



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