Red Trail 90


Beig lost is safer than being found.


Steve Gatlin is a troubled man.  Fired from his high profile job, he leaves his family and worries behind in the city and escapes to his remote cabin deep in the Canadian wilderness.  A fierce windstorm knocks the power out and there is not a soul in sight.  Steve challenges himself by exploring a very dangerous, swampy trail that should never be attempted alone.  After a terrible lapse of judgement, Steve has a ghastly accident and must gather his wits to find his way out of Red Trail 90.

Madness ensues as he hallucinates from blood loss and dehydration.  The trail is haunted and the water is rising.  Steve witnesses the unthinkable.  Or does he?  Will Red Trail 90 let him out of its grasp?  Will Steve be able to piece together the puzzles of the cold blooded horrors he has witnessed

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