Domino Drop


Domino Drop is a delightful new puzzle game with dominos and gravity!


Domino Drop is a compelling new puzzle game in a Tile Matching genre.

While the game is extremely easy to pick-up play, it is very strategic when you get into it. Due to game’s inherited randomness, it feels new and fresh every time you play, making every play session extremely compelling. There is no time/speed pressure put on the player, allowing him to think ahead and strategize. So, instead of improving your quick-reflexes, you master this game by thinking ahead and understanding the system.

The style of game shows a real dedication to skeuomorphic design, making every interaction feel like you are playing with a real physical thing. The game also features 12 soothing jazzy music tracks which support the game’s aesthetic.

There are 3 modes of play, which were designed to satisfy variety of player tastes, from casual to hardcore.


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