Star Trek: Axanar


The ground-breaking independent Star Trek film.


Axanar is the first fully-professional, independent Star Trek film.  While some may call it a “fan film” as we are not licensed by CBS, Axanar has professionals working in front and behind the camera, with a fully-professional crew–many of whom have worked on Star Trek itself–who ensure Axanar will be the quality of Star Trek that all fans want to see.

Axanar is a return to the type of Star Trek all of us grew up on, with a hopeful future where mankind works with other races to explore the stars, via storytelling that is positive and teaches us about ourselves.

Axanar is a feature film, but will be broken down into four episodes following the four acts of the script.  With an overall budget of approximately $960,000, that means each episode will cost approximately $240,000.

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