Headbanging in the Mirror


Ducktails is an American psychedelic pop band from New Jersey, formed in 2006. Initially the solo recording project of Real Estate's guitarist Matt Mondanile,‪ the band has gone on to include Luka Usmiani, Alex Craig and Samuel Franklin amongst its members.


While not too dissimilar in tone from the sun-kissed pop of his main squeeze, Mondanile’s work as Ducktails presents a more fragmented, mercurial version of the Garden State of mind.

More synthetic, too, than Real Estate, Ducktails is all burbling analog synths, bedroom processing, and sunburnt soundscapes. The end effect acts as a sort of bleary aural Polaroid taken at a backyard party Real Estate just finished playing.

The latest album is St. Catherine. With producer Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck) bringing a touch of warmth and clarity to Mondanile’s sincere psychedelic tunes, the album also featured guest appearances by fellow experimental indie artists James Ferraro and Julia Holter.

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