Indie rock’s renaissance shows no sign of relenting as Sundara Karma unveil their latest punchy release, their first since signing to the ever-impressive Chess Club Records


Following-on from their EP I which emerged earlier this year, “Flame” sees the Reading quartet – Dom Cordell, Oscar Lulu, Ally Baty and Haydn Evans – pick up where they left off: crunching, muted guitar drives the action forward as Lulu’s vocal tears through with the help of twitching lead punctuation.

“The song is based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It is the perfect visual representation and emphasises the real message of the song.

We are basically commenting on the whole post-modern reality that we find ourselves living in… The Matrix. Where adverts, politicians, the war on drugs, terrorism, consumerism, mass production, celebrity culture, social networks etc. are the shadows that permeate our walls – and we all buy into it.

We have grown up being forced to believe that these things have true value and that it’s the only reality accessible to us. The video reflects this idea in more of a day to day light, a way in which practically all of us can relate to.”

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