Don’t you Worry.


If you’re feeling a bit grumpy, put this on, you’ll be smiling in minutes – It’s just a big chunk of joy!


Scarlett Quinn (Kitten) and Ashley Slater (The Hip) first joined forces in 2011 to form the eclectic electro-swing/funk/R&B act, Kitten & The Hip.

Ashley was an ex pop star and Kitten was a beautiful and intelligent singer songwriter.  Their first album, “Hello Kitten”, released on April 21st 2014, is a loud burst of fun and happiness. “As songwriters, we want to make hits and we’re not afraid to go there”, says Slater.

Musically elevated, lyrically outspoken and seductively catchy, the duo has fallen nothing short of its goals and has at least 5 hits in the can.

Their debut single, “Don’t You Worry”, with it’s pop-tastic core with its punch of classical jazz, foot-tapping vocals, lovely vinyl pops and melodious trombone licks give the piece so much dynamism and vitality.

Live, they are a trio, with Kitten singing, Ashley singing and playing trombone and keyboards and the wonderful Gillan McLaughlin on drums all on top of pumping backing tracks. Kitten is a natural onstage, at once mesmerising and seductive.

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