Judge Dredd – Stranger than Truth


Lawman of the future and long running 2000ad comic character Judge Dredd returns to audio drama in the first of a new series from Big Finish.


Captured and imprisoned by Judge Dredd, author Truman Kaput has spent years in the Mega-City One iso-cubes, his work banned. His crime: writing lurid detective novels in which the fictitious Slick Dickens repeatedly outwits the cowardly bully Judge Dredd.

Now a New Truman Kaput novel is being serialised, and each chapter predicts an imminent murder with chilling accuracy. Has Slick Dickens escaped the page to commit real crimes in Mega-City One?

Is a serial killer using the chapters as templates for their crime? Where does fiction end and the truth start?

Can Dredd stop the plot before his nemesis fulfils the finale of Slick Dickens: I Killed Judge Dredd?

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